TURN over time-consuming strategy, polishing, and branding to me.


LEARN new skills and pick my brain as you work LIVE with me via phone & screen share. 


EARN more, as you regain time for billable hours, marketing, and life!

Your ROI?

You escape death by wordsmithing!


You'll get back to business faster, increase project profit, renew your energy and deliver better results to your clients (after all, our two great brains are better than one!). 


Your clients will never know you've had a hand, but they WILL know you're their hero! 

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I do for YOU!
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Deb Dib

Master Personal Brand Strategist
The Career Writers' Coach

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Meet Your Dynamic Duo:
Deb & Doug Dib

We're happy to meet YOU!

Hi; it's Deb!


One of my heroes, author Dr. Brené Brown, talks about "Daring Greatly."​ And like many of our clients and colleagues, we did. 


Here’s our story…

Years ago, in the dark ages of the 1990s (pre-internet!) we started a part-time resume-writing service service.


Doug worked in marketing (full time for Dun & Bradstreet and later for Ernst & Young) and it wasn’t a stretch to see how marketing concepts could be adapted for people. (Turns out we did personal branding with our clients before it was “a thing.”)


After our initial launch, Doug gave his expertise to our business behind the scenes and I worked with our clients. As I got my feet wet in the careers industry, I was fortunate to be mentored by wonderful experienced professionals.


For 20+ years, I learned, earned certifications, and grew professionally. I eventually niched my business to work with gutsy, ethical, innovator C-suite and executive clients as their go-to for master-level personal brand coaching and career writing. Helping propel the careers of these "change the world" execs was a joy and I did it for many years.


That was daring greatly. I thought, "How can I possibly have a website that says I won't work with sharks or suits!" and "Who am I to be working with these exceptional leaders?” But I knew I could help them. And I did.


fast forward to today: I've moved on from Executive Power Brand and transitioned to another joyful activity—building Last Mile Branding.


Now I can do what I’ve loved to do informally for years —share my decades of knowledge with my careers-industry colleagues in a fun, useful, and affordable way. It’s a big departure for me, but one I want to take. 


Yep, I'm still gulping and daring greatly! 

What is very exciting, as well, is that Doug has come full circle and is once again a key member of our business. The difference then to now? Twenty-five years of Fortune 500 and Big Four marketing experience are now tied to his naturally strategic brain power, deep curiosity, and his huge heart for helping people be their best. It’s a great combo for our business and clients.


It’s a lot of change. A lot of daring greatly.


But one thing never changes…

We believe that when people get gutsy enough to truly reveal who they are—to pair authenticity and vulnerability with talent, value, guts, conscience, AND love—they rise faster, earn more, have fun, and change the world! 

We help make that happen!


And we love it!


What's YOUR daring greatly story? I'll bet you have one. We'd love to hear it!


Your colleagues,

Deb & Doug


Doug Dib


The Brains Behind the Operation

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Bring your clients to life!

3D Brand Bios & Profiles

Get gutsy & kick the corporate out of bios & profiles...especially LinkedIn! Collaborate with me, live, to infuse your client's brand and personality into their written or online presence. Clients pushing back? I'll give you strategies to get them comfortable with being uncomfortable (authenticity feels very vulnerable...). Because in a virtual world, a real person is a real big deal!

red heart in light bulb - smaller_edited.jpg

Personal Brand Consulting

Get Gutsy. Get Real. Get Going!

Beef up your brand (or your client's) online and off! I'm told I have an uncanny ability for discovering and portraying the elusive things that make you or your clients fascinating...and I LOVE making it real. With 5+ years of annual training as a Master Personal Brand Strategist, one of the first Certified Personal Brand Strategists (back in the early 2000s), social branding trainer, and the author of Ditch. Dare. Do! Personal Branding for Executives, I've seen what works and I know what's coming. I'd love to be your guide.

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Reclaim your billable hours, your sanity, and your life!

Fast-Track Finish

Escape death by wordsmithing! You can stop laboring over perfection AND elevate your near-final copy from good to great, FAST. Brainstorm with me, live (via phone/Skype and screen share), to brand and finesse your project's final draft (faster and better than you could alone). Finish our session with a polished piece, ready for your last review and proofing. Oh, what a relief it is!

This service is suitable for Bios, LinkedIn Summaries & Profiles, Social Media Content, Blog Posts, Presentations, Web Copy & more...for your client projects or for your business.

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Because being stuck is exhausting and expensive.

Black Hole Buster

Stuck in scope creep? In over your head? Mired by mental block? 
We've all been there. Sometimes, all it takes to bust through is a a new set of eyes with a fresh perspective. Sometimes all it takes is a suggestion for some new language to get your creative juices rolling. Sometimes, you just need "permission" to fire a client who is draining all your resources with unreasonable and unmanageable expectations. Whatever it is, we'll brainstorm solutions to get you back in the game!

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Don't settle for good enough. "Fine" is forgettable.

Brand-Writing Coaching and Mentoring for Career Pros

Learn to write for today's mantra: So What? Make me care. Do it fast! Up your game with the precision career writing trifecta: content that is visceral, valuable and vulnerable.  Coach 1-1 with me or in my master class workshops with your peers.

Here's What We Can Do Together!


Do parts of your projects take too much effort and time?


Would you rather use that time to:

Book more clients?

Do the work?


Keep your pipeline full?

Do you find it hard to:

Keep ideas flowing?

Stay on top of trends?

Improve your craft?


Stay organized, too?

Are you blocked, locked, and burnt out? 

Tired of working too hard to go from average to good? 

Want time to do what you're great at?

Finishing a client project.... going that last mile to polish to perfection... is what we as career professionals do. Excellence is our DNA.


Problem is, that one last mile often feels like ten miles...and sometimes takes 10x longer, too. Last draft editing is TOUGH.


The good news? You don't need to sacrifice profit and sanity for quality


You can fast-forward the finish with affordable writing support or coaching, live by the hour, with me, Deb Dib. Together, we'll take your good work to great...and maybe even awesome.


You'll up your skills, finish your project, and get back to work!


Your Struggle Is Real!

If you're a careers-industry writer, coach, or entrepreneur, YOU KNOW what I'm talking about!

Here's What Your Colleagues Say

She’ll take your breath away! Deb can hear my initial ideas, see beyond them, and then magically turn them into a masterpiece. She is “ideator,” artist, editor, brand collaborator, and creative genius—all rolled into one!

Susan Whitcomb

You are the best writer I know. You have a great way with words—different from how I write or how I have seen other writing. You know me—so it is always on target. You are easy and fun to work with. I trust you!

William Arruda

Deb has a way of putting imagery to words in an authentic way that draws on emotion and creates connection. Her words reach our audience in a way that we might not have been able to express ourselves, yet her words sound just like us!

Randi Bussin

Valerie Sokolosky

From good to great! That's exactly what Deb does for me on a regular basis. It's incredible that even as an author, I simply can't write about myself like Deb can. She finds my voice, writes in it, and makes all my documents "sing." What a gift she has to share with us! 

If you're a Resume Writer, Career Writer,  Personal Brand Strategist, Coach, or Entrepreneur...

I can help you with:

  • Final draft branding, editing, or polishing. 

  • Strategy and editing for 3D brand bios and profiles

  • Personal brand consulting

  • Brand-writing coaching and mentoring

  • Ideas for busting out of a black hole 


Our collaboration will help you make space for more billable hours and up your quality. It's focused, fast, and fun!  

What could an enduring flow of profit & peace do for you?

Is your last mile
of perfection
stalling your business...
& your life?
A Mile of Solutions
from Deb Dib
Career Industry Pros,
Personal Brand Strategists,